Easy Guide Floats | Going Boating Soon - Here Are 2 Key Loading Tips to Consider

Now that the skies are clearer, lakes and rivers are thawing, and Mother Nature is friendlier than ever, the American boating season is finally well underway!

As the great outdoors goes back to being its best self again, it would be an understatement to say that every boating addict is doing their best to hit the water ASAP—and this includes you. Now that your schedule is cleared up and you’ve pulled your stuff out of the garage, you can’t wait any longer to immerse yourself in one of America’s greatest pastimes.

The problem with having a bit of a crowd

Remember how we previously mentioned that many of America’s water-loving boaters are doing all they can to make up for a lost time by heading out to the nearest river or lake? Here’s the thing: unless you live along a waterway, this means that you should expect to see a long line of boaters with the same idea that you have.

Beyond boredom and wasted time, the long lines at your local boat ramps and busy waterways can also make for a host of different problems in terms of how you kick off the new season. Here are just a few of the different boating-related disasters that you can run into during the docking and loading processes:

  • Damaging the hull of your boat (and any other parts) because of improper placement or rushed securing

  • Having your land vehicle accidentally slip into the water because of a lack of precautions

  • Adding delays to your loading and unloading processes that may cause other boaters to be impatient or angry with you

A few key tips to keep in mind

As you inch closer to your long-awaited boating trip, it’s important to not let sheer excitement and impatience get the best of you and your prized possessions because of how much can go wrong. To help ensure that you have the best experience possible during your trip, here are some tips to consider:

1. Make sure your hauling vehicle is planted during loading and unloading

During your boating trip, the last thing you want to end up doing is facing the need to buy a new car after drowning your old one.

If you have a half-to-low tide situation when you arrive or when you leave, then you’ll need to ensure that your hauling vehicle is planted well. You can help ensure that your routine keeps everything as safe as possible by locking the front axles on your truck and keeping your vehicle’s front tires planted on a drier surface or pavement!

2. Invest in an Easy Guide Float

Based on your past boating experiences, you’ve probably realized that the brunt of the hard work (before the much-needed relief) is most present when you load or unload your boat. Fortunately, Easy Guide Floats presents a solution that makes everything easier and safer.

With our easy boat loading support in Indiana, you can feel more confident and comfortable as you unload and load your boat onto your vehicle’s trailer during each trip. It may seem like a regular trailer at first, but its specially-designed systems are guaranteed to cut minutes (or even hours) off the process with the highest rates of success possible—so no more dings, scratches, and slip-ups!


Amid the excitement over the fact that boating season is in full swing, it’s important to be mindful of the steps and precautions that you need to take so that your experience goes as smoothly as possible. Once you consider the two tips mentioned above and start practicing them (alongside patience and care), you’ll save yourself lots of expenses and headaches in no time!

Easy Boat Guide takes pride in the fact that we manufacture the best easiest boat loading guide system thanks to our game-changing boat loading system. If you want to start having easier experiences with your boating trips here on out, get in touch with us today to order your easy boat loading support today!

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