EasyGuide Floats - 7 First-Time Launching Tips Boat Newbies Should Take Note Of

One of the most challenging tips as a first-time boater is trying to dock or backing a trailer down a ramp. It does take time, but it wouldn’t hurt to know some helpful tips to ensure you don’t get critiques and nasty comments, especially on busy weekends.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

As mentioned, learning how to back your trailer, among other things, takes a lot of practice. Therefore, you need to practice. Take your boat and trailer to an empty parking space and practice backing the trailer into a parking space.

  1. Learn Common Hand Signals

Boat ramps are noisy and verbal directions may be difficult to hear over the noise. That is why it’s essential you know the common hand signals that indicate start over, stop, turn left or right, and many more.

  1. Go Slow

Another important tip for beginners is to go slow. The faster you go, the further behind you get. Remember, there is no time limit for launching, especially that most ramps are public and everyone has the right to be there. For beginners, the majority of vehicle movement at the ramp must be controlled by the brake pedal.

When you back down a sloped ramp, you only need to use very little of the gas pedal. Bumping the brake pedal and checking where you are on the ramp are crucial. Also, all adjustments are best made with the brake applied for beginners.

  1. Focus

When you’re navigating the ramp, make sure to stay focused on the task at hand. This is very important as there will be quite a few people in your surroundings who are probably waiting. Don’t let it faze you; instead, keep your focus on the task.

  1. Know the Relationship Between the Tow Vehicle and the Boat

The relationship between the tow vehicle and the boat is different for every combination. A longer trailer is easy to back up but harder in turns going forward. On the other hand, a shorter trailer is harder to back up, but it’s easier to maneuver going forward.

  1. Have Guide Poles

Beginners must have guide poles on the trailer for visual reference. Without these, it will be more challenging to see. Some individuals use mirrors, while some look over their shoulders.

  1. Correct a Jackknifed Trailer the Right Away

You could find yourself with a jackknifed trailer, and it’s crucial you know how to correct it. With your foot on the brake, turn the steering wheel all the way in the opposite direction of the jackknife.

If it’s jackknifed to the right, have your foot on the brake and turn the wheel all the way to the left. Slowly release the brakes and pull forward only as far as needed to align the tow vehicle and the trailer.


First-time boat owners may feel intimidated with launching their boats, especially when docking their boats or backing up the trailer. These tips can help you do these things right and have more confidence. Remember, practice makes perfect. Spend time practicing until you get the hang of it.

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