EasyGuide Floats - 7 Simple Steps to Launching Your Personal Boat

Boating is a fun activity that can add some sun and waves to a person’s holidays or weekends. Hooking the trailer system to your car and driving down to the local lake or bay isn’t always as easy as it sounds, as you’ll need to know the right skills to transport the unit safely. Additionally, you’ll need to learn how to use a boat loading system and launch it to ensure safety and security without damaging the watercraft and the car.

Provided you have a good understanding of how the car runs and how to drive with the trailer attached safely, it’s time to learn how to launch a boat properly. There are a few steps involved with launching the unit, so be sure to get your best boat float ready for a quick and seamless process. Here’s the beginner’s guide to launching a trailer boat like a pro:

  1. Ensure You Have Assistance

It’s never a good idea to launch any boat from a car alone, as different dock areas can be dangerous because of the terrain. Without someone to spot the place you’ll be backing up into, you might risk damaging your boat or even slipping off the location into the water. Having a friend or a family member who knows what to spot can help with both loading and unloading the unit into the ocean or lake, so be sure to come prepared.

  1. Check All the Safety Chains and Equipment

Boats are heavy, requiring steady and well-mounted chains to hold them in place for a safe launch. Ensure that the trailer is hitched correctly, has all the safety chains attached just in case of any errors, and disconnect the power cable connected to the taillights for safety.

  1. Run An All-Around Inspection of the Boat Ramp

Some boat launch areas might be riddled with sharp objects, shifting terrain, slippery patches filled with algal growth, and other hazards that can damage your car tires or the float system for boats. Clear the area before starting the boat launch, as some objects can cause extensive damages that can ruin your weekend out on the water.

  1. Prime the Boat for Launch

In this step, you’ll want assistance in attaching the right hooks to the boat and start undoing the straps and chains holding it in place. Check your boat’s drain plugs and ensure they are tightly screwed-in. Check the instructions manual for your float system for boats to ensure you get the steps right, as some products may vary in requirements.

  1. Slowly Start Reversing

With the assistance of someone watching the boat slowly enter the water, put the vehicle in reverse, and slowly start the descent to reduce the risk of injuries or damages. Put the 4x4 drive gear in low and ensure that you feather the brakes while only making slight corrections. Use the full range of your mirrors by pointing them downwards to see the water as you descend into the boat ramp.

  1. Know When to Stop

Stopping the car should be done once the boat achieves buoyancy with the boat float, which another person should assist by pushing the boat gently into the water. Once you’re done with launching the boat, put your car into a low gear and slowly drive up the ramp. Be sure that you don’t submerge your car exhaust, so have the spotter check if you’re going too deep.

  1. Get the Boat Floating and Ready

Ensure that the person helping you is on-board and ready to start the boat up for a weekend of fun in the sun. Check that it gets far enough from the shore to ensure that the motor’s propellor doesn’t hit anything hard enough to damage it. You’ve now launched your boat successfully—congratulations!


Launching a boat is a simple activity that takes a few people to do successfully. It’s never a good idea to launch anything without first being well-prepared and having the right equipment and tools. Follow this guide to successfully launch your boat without damaging the hull or other parts of your car.

Easy Guide Floats is an innovative float system for boats that can help owners quickly load and unload their watercraft. We understand the difficulties that come with weekend boating and have come up with a unique solution to make it easy and straightforward for everyone. View our product line to find out more about how to streamline your boating activities!

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