EasyGuide Floats | A Guide for First-Timers - How to Launch Your Boat Like a Pro

If it’s your first time doing a boat launch, it’s natural to feel intimidated. It’s easy to get pressured to get in and out smoothly, therefore, you need to be prepared. A boat launch shouldn’t feel stressful, even if it’s your first time. Here are some tips that can help you:

Go for a Test Drive

Taking your boat for a test drive is an excellent idea. By doing so, you will be able to avoid situations, such as going in and out. Practice backing your trailer in an empty place. Not only will this save you from embarrassment on the day itself, but it will also save you a lot of time.

Prepare Boat for Launch

It’s essential to know good ramp etiquette, which means you need to have your boat ready before getting on the ramp. Therefore, to prepare for the boat launch, load all supplies onto the boat and make sure you have your boat keys once you’re at the location. Your boat keys may seem like something you won’t forget, but you’ll be surprised that a lot of people lose their keys on the launch itself.

Another thing is to make sure your battery is switched on, and your fuel tank is connected. You also need to attach the fenders, affix the lines you need for the launch, and remove the tie-down straps. Last but not least, make sure the stern plug is in its right place.

Get in the Water Right

Back the trailer down in a straight line until the wheels reach the edge of the water. At this point, the back of your boat must already be floating; however, if it’s still not, make sure to continue backing down the ramp until it does. Be careful not to back down too far; once the back third of the boat starts to float, place your car in park. Release the two bow connections to enable the boat to float free.

Remember, the only reason your car should be on the ramp is when you’re loading or unloading. It’s important you don’t linger because you could block anyone.

Boaters are very observant of good etiquette when you’re on the ramp. Don’t worry; they’re very much willing to help you when you find yourself in a sticky situation, whether on the ocean or the ramp.

Observe Your Boat on the Water

Observe how quickly your boat moves on the water. Make sure you take it slow—but not too slow because that will make the current push you. On the other hand, if you start up close on the bunks, you won’t have enough time to observe how the current will affect you, and you won’t be able to react accordingly.


Launch your boat like a pro by starting with a test drive. It’s crucial you practice how you can unload and load the boat on the ramp because this is usually where things get tricky, especially for newbies. Don’t forget to have a buddy with you while you do this because you will need his or her help during your boat launch.

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