EasyGuide Floats | How to Load and Launch Your Boat by Yourself - A Guide

Boating is a worthwhile pastime and family activity. While it is enjoyable, it can also get frustrating when you have to load and unload your watercraft. This is especially true if you are launching your boat all by yourself, and the boat ramp is packed with other eager boaters ready to bring their boat to the water. If you fail to plan carefully, it can cause unnecessary harm to your boat or vehicle.

The good news is that we came up with a quick guide to help you get ready to start your day off right on the water, enjoy your solo fishing trip, and launch and load your boat on your own without hassle. Use this article as your guide to becoming a pro in boat launching and loading in no time.

How Do I Launch a Boat All by Myself?

The best way to launch a boat on your own is to invest in the right equipment. To source for the right trailer, make sure it has:

  • The right tires and axles

If you are transporting a massive boat, it’s best to use a multi-axle arrangement. It is more expensive and harder to maintain, but it is safer and more stable than the single-axle ones.

As for the tires, you can choose between radial and bias-ply. Get radial ones if you want something cheap, but buy bias-ply ones if you opt for tires that last longer and are more efficient. You also have to consider the required suspension tires. You can pick between leaf-spring suspension and torsion axle suspension.

  • The ability to carry the weight of your boat

Use the gross trailer weight rating (GTWR) to see if your trailer can carry the weight of your boat. Class, I, II, III, and IV can hold up to 2,000 pounds, 3,500 pounds, 5,000 pounds, and 10,000 pounds, respectively.

  • The ideal brakes

Brakes come in two different types: the less expensive electric ones and the costlier surge ones. If you plan on using your trailer in a saltwater environment, opt for surge brakes.

How Do I Attach a Boat Trailer to My Vehicle?

Here is a step-by-step guide to loading your boat on a trailer:

  1. Balance your boat trailer properly.

  2. Make sure the hitch ball goes directly under the trailer’s coupler.

  3. Lower your trailer and fasten your boat to the trailer.

  4. Position the safety chains properly and check if the boat trailer’s lighting is working.

How Do I Launch a Boat from a Trailer by Myself?

Prepare your boat to cruise on the water by following the steps below:

  1. Prepare your complete equipment set and bring it to your boat.

  2. Prepare your fenders once you arrive at the dock.

  3. Leave the winch line at the bow eye while removing the boat’s tie-downs.

  4. Insert your drain plug.

  5. Run the boat’s engine up for at least one minute.

  6. Get the boat in the water until it starts to float. You can use our boat loading support.

  7. Discharge the winch line.

  8. Tow the boat off.

  9. Tie the boat to the dock.


Loading and launching your boat is never easy, especially when you have to do it by yourself. This process can get frustrating, and it can cause unnecessary hassle to other boaters waiting for you to get finished so they can launch their watercraft. Fortunately, you now know the basics, and you can have a safer and more enjoyable boating experience.

Enjoy using an innovative way to load and unload your watercraft using our boat loading system. Our EasyGuide Float system is a boat float that keeps your watercraft centered on the trailer. Place your order today!

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