Personal Watercraft & Jet-ski

EasyGuide Trailer Loading System keeps your Jet-Ski (Yes, even your 900+ lbs 3 seaters) perfectly centered on the trailer, no matter the crosswind, or the cross-current conditions! 

Ever find yourself at a boat ramp, usually, somewhere in the boonies, that drops off like a cliff? Of course, the water level isn't quite high enough before the drop-off to get your watercraft loaded, but it's almost 3 feet underwater after the drop-off. What do you do? power load the heck out of it, and hope that you ONLY break a bunk? Nope. That's where our system saves the day. Not only is it extremely durable (for those of us "less experienced" boaters), but it's also fully adjustable and will hold you centered on the trailer no matter the crosswind or cross-current conditions!

Check out our Founder Cliff showing you how to Assemble the EasyGuide Float System

Our System Revolutionizes the loading process. Never again, will you have to replace another broken bunk board, or damaged hull. 

I know we've all seen a trailer loaded like this:

Boat Images

Use our float system, don't be that person.